August 13, 2013

I am back...after 8 month

Hi everyone,

Not sure how to start,what to say...i'll try though...( will take a little,sorry )!
Well...i've been away for 8 month,had quite a few personal problems.
It all started as me and my husband broke up.Working and beeing alone with the girls...was kind of overwhelming.I'be tried and tried to craft,but at the end i just had to give it up...completly.I left Miss Emma's wonderful Team which was so hard,but was the best i could have done back then.
Me and my husband got back together meanwhile,and i can say,we both needed this brake.Our realationship works SOOO much better now.
But October last year my brother Shanon went missing in the USA ( Alaska ),which was a rough time.Even though we grew up in different country's we had an awesome realationship.I tried to find him through Facebook,contacted whoever i could from over here ( Germany ).So very sad to say,he was found dead in a river,near where he went missing in May.3 days later would have been his 31st birthday. :( And in April his wife gave birth to ONE adarble little girl,his 3rd child.So sad,she will never meet him.
And when you think or hope,things could finaly get better...nope not in my case,
I had a flight booked for the 25th of July till the 4th of August to fly to Alaska.for my brothers funeral AND my Dad's wedding.He wanted to marry his girlfriend on the 28th.I was so happy to see him again after 3 years.We didn't see eachother much,living in different countrys doesnt make it very easy.
So,on my little daughters 9th birthday the 30st of June,i got the call from my brother Clayton that my Dad passed away,in a heavy equipment accident. :( I completly lost it...things should have been SO different.I still can't describe it,because it still seems so unreal.I miss him SO very much...every day,every minute!! :(
So,we changed the flight to the 6st of July and i went back home on the 15th.I went to Alaska for 2 funerals. :(

You know,some craft when they have problems,i just couldn't.To long i have tried to force myself to it,which made me hate every single project i created.So,i had to stay away.I didn't looked at crafty stuff,didn't watched craft videos,didn't stop by any Blogs.I had to take my mind completly away from it.
Now,after i got back from Alaska for some reason,i just had to craft.And i "feel the love" for it again.I set down and it was like,i've never stoped! :) Of course i had to go through Blogs,watch Videos to see what's in and what's out. :D But yes,i can defintly say,i am back.It makes me SOOO happy to craft again.I even placed a order,to get some new papers.And after i was done putting everything in my cart,i was like ok,WOW...i saved quite a few Euros in the past 8 month! Hahaha You sure know what i am talking about. ;)
I will upload some cards tomorrow.
I don't think they would fit into this post.
Just wanted to let you know,where i've been!!



Beckie said...

Bless your heart. So glad you're back. Can't wait to see your cards.

Be blessed, Beckie
Just B Creative Crazy

Melissa said...

So sorry to hear everything you have gone through, don't think I could have done much either! Glad to hear your doin better and will pray for you too!

On a happier note, glad to hear your back to crafting!

Unknown said...

I just stumbled onto your blog tonight. Thank you for sharing your personal story. I am moved by your honesty. I pray that you find some peace and joy again in your crafting and I look forward to checking back in and watching your crafting progress! Blessings to you.

Kim H said...

Cindy ~ what can I say but WOW! I can't even imagine what you all have been thru! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family ALWAYS! I know how life throws us punches and we have to find the peace, the strength and courage to move forward as best we can! HUGE HUGS to you!! Prayers too!