March 14, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

I got my first award...very cool!! :)
Tara has been so sweet passing it on to me!! Thank you Tara!!! :)

Hmmm,now i have to let you know about 8 things that you not know about me yet.Not very easy,since there is not much interesting about me.LOL
Let's see if i can get a few things together!

1. My hubby and me celebrate our 11th anniversary in 3 days!

2. I started crafting when i was 3,after my Mom taught me how to knit.

3.I have a problem with beautiful Papers.I buy it,but i don't want to use it!! :D

4.I was born in the USA,but grew up in Germany.And my biggest wish is to live in the USA again!

5.I chew my fingernails....blähh...i know!!! Tried to quit many...many times.

6.I lost 25 pounds in my second pregnancy!!

7.Butterflies are my favorite "animals".I have two small butterfly tattoos on my legs with the names of my girls above them!

8.Chicken and Rice a Roni is my favorite food.Only problem,we don't get Rice a Roni here in Germany.:D Only if i would order it online.But the prices are insane!

Ok,i think that's a few of the most interesting things about me.Boring i know!! LOL
I need to pass this on,but i hope it's ok if a wait a little.Don't know who i will pass this on yet! :)

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